Five Stans 07

Dear Reader (2023-10-29),
In today’s post we continue exploring the Karakol region of Kyrgyzstan by going for a 3 / 4 hour walk along a dirt road, and up a sandstone hill.  In this pleasant wander:
~ We stop on the return trip to photograph a Golden Eagle trainer (captured with permission),
~ We meet a future horseman (captured with permission),
~ Note that some horses are hobbled, and others are contained in different ways
~ Observe that one side of the gravel road is certainly greener than the other,
~ Smile as a group yoga session begins.

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Cheers, Sean

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One Reply to “Five Stans 07”

  1. I think I’m seeing this series out of order now.
    1- What a lovely bird!
    6- That looks like a peaceful place. I note there isn’t a yoga mat in sight. I know people that actual think that if it isn’t done on a yoga mat, it isn’t yoga.
    7- Nailed the texture of the water!
    8- That’s one way to save on fencing costs, but they’re gonna have a problem if it rains.
    9- I am curious about the strand leading from the yurt off to the right. Is is a rope? Could it be an electrical cord?
    12- Something about this pleases me, and tickles my brain for the comparison. It reminds me of something, but I don’t know what at this moment. No doubt it will come to me a moment after hitting the post comment button.

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