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Dear Reader (2023-06-09),
As some you know we have now returned from our most recent journey, which began in Istanbul.  Following a brief visit to that enticing city, we flew to Bucharest, and then onto the Black Sea where we began our river cruise up the Danube to Vienna.  After the river cruise, we spent time in London and then with family south of Bath.

Before I go any further, let’s get my confession out of the way.   Morally, I believe I should get permission from people before capturing their image.  In practice, I don’t do this consistently.  Not only I am hypocrite when it comes to street photography, I have been a hypocrite in this department for many years.  One of my earliest books was on street photography.  Ah, I feel better.  At least I have owned up to my secret, which if you have seen enough of my work, you know it is not a very well hidden secret.

This was our first cruise of any sort.  The onboard experience was wonderful.  The staff were lovely, and the food was consistently tasty.  Most days there was an excursion component, and many of those excursions involved a bus ride to a destination or three.  My sense at the end of the cruise was that we had just completed a first year university class.  Those classes are inevitably a survey class where much data is transmitted, and only some of it gets converted to information.  Areas of particular interest are remembered as possible future destinations for more detailed exploration.  Other bits of data never become information.

Since returning home earlier this week, I have organized the thousands of images (bits of data) into days and places.  Besides the oh that looks interesting, the oh I want to remind myself, and the oh I would like to record that, there were also some ideas or themes I was conscious of pursuing.  Three of those themes are titled “Livin and Workin in History”, “Through a Bus Window”, and “On The River”.  “Out and About”, and “Place Specific” are another 2 collections.

Beginning with today’s post there is a new series called Jackdaw, where I will be presenting images from our travels.  As images are introduced in these posts, I will also update the appropriate collections under the now restructured menu item “Of Note” in this website (PS All site and collection updates should be completed by 15:30 today).

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Collections Updated From This Post
~ Through A Bus Window
~ Livin And Workin In History
~ Out and About
~ Place Specific

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Cheers, Sean

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3 Replies to “Jackdaw 01”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos and commentary from your journey. As a kid and young adult I wanted to visit Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul. I’m not sure if the current adult wants to.

    Loving the colour in the spice market! The last bus window photo is intriguing. To my way of thinking there are 3 sub-genres of this. One is that the photo quality is so good and the window is so clean that a viewer would not suspect it was through a window. Two is where there is the subject on the far side of the window, but there’s enough of a reflection, or the cleanliness (or not) of the window adds a layer of interest to the photo. Last is where the reflection is the image, with the not quite the subject adding the layer of interest. Yes, one could argue the first sub-genre isn’t really part of it because you don’t know unless you’ve been told. I hope all that made sense.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I hope you find at least some of words and images of interest. Traveling the way we did on this trip, bus windows were inevitable. The constraint of the window provides a looseness to this collection where a potential image may only exist for a fraction of a second.

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