A Wandering Report 05

Dear Reader (2023-03-06),
I could have just as easily called this post a squirrel report.

The exhibition Time Frame has had its first day in the sun and now rests in the dark (spare bedroom).  Thank you cSpace (https://cspacekingedward.com/) for its wonderful space and to the cSpace staff for their helpfulness, responses, and being a pleasure to work with.  Thank you Royce Howland (https://roycehowlandprintstudio.com/) for your counsel, support, and artistry.  Thank you Neil Zeller (https://neilzellerphotography.zenfolio.com/) for the promotion and support.  Thank you to all those who saw the exhibition.  Thank you for your responses, and they were all very gratifying.  My bar for success was to get the work in front of an audience – bar met.

If you missed the exhibition, the digital monograph for Time Frame is the first item on my Books and Monographs page here.

So now what?  I have a whole new set of ideas that could easily keep me amused and locked in a larger non-existent studio space for the next year.  Though “Time Frame” took up much of my recent time and focus, I have made the occasional foray onto wintery back roads, gone to the library, and played with the tv.  Besides the un-shareable dreck, there have been bright spots.

The Photos
1 – An experiment from using the tv as a light source and ICM (intentional camera movement).
2 – Sometimes I don’t travel far.
3  – Yes, it was pretty white out, and that road was not passable.
4,5,6 – New additions to the Sentinels digital monograph are infrequent.  These images along with a few others will eventually be added to this on-going project.  The Sentinels monograph (without recent updates) can be found on my Books and Monographs page here.
7 – No Service Today
8,9 – Canon recently sponsored an event at the library, where there were a number of models scattered across the floors.  I know, how strange, images from me of people.  The models were great, and they made it easy for us attendees to be successful.  My pictures of the space weren’t even good.  Shout-outs go to Sociality (https://www.socality.org/), Canon Creator Lab (https://www.canoncreatorlab.ca/events/), Calgary Central Library (https://calgarylibrary.ca/read-learn-and-explore/central-library/), and The Camera Store (https://thecamerastore.com/).

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As always, all comments are welcome and sought.
Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “A Wandering Report 05”

  1. As always, I like to take some time with your images.
    3. Which explains why I bailed out of a road trip. Normally I like leading lines to lead to something, but in this case, they could lead to anything. Anything at all.
    4 and 5, I’ve gone back and forth between these several times, and each time I think I like the other one better, then I look at the other one. Recursive loops are wonderful.
    6. Old school silo. I like in all of these there’s just enough detail in the background to save it from being unrelieved white.
    7. Lovely symmetrical composition! Good thing someone hadn’t come along yet to shovel the snow, that would have ruined it.

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