A Wandering Report 04

Dear Reader (2023-01-09),
Today, I picked up the prints for my show that is part of Exposure Festival (see Announcement below).  Getting these images finished and print-ready has involved considerable screen time.  Now that I can raise my eyes, I have started to come out of my cave, and, thanks to the encouragement of friends participate in the outside world once again. There have been two recent rambles.

Nearly 2 weeks ago I met Cam in Nordegg, and I will report on that another day. Two days ago Keith (see here for his posting ) and I spent an enjoyable day chatting, driving, and capturing images. We spent 2 – 3 hours exploring the frozen and falling water at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. I inadvertently found a fiddler (in post-processing), a seldom seen shy benign troll, and a wonderful art deco adornment from a building that never was . One small corner captured my intention, and I spent considerable time there playing with points of view (3,4,5).

Keith was particularly pleased with one of his images.  When he showed it to me, I too really liked it, and promptly went off to find that view.  Thank you Keith for number 9.    Good day, good company.

To remove the annoying band across the top of the full size image, click anywhere on the image.

Really Exciting Announcement
“Time Frame” is opening soon, and Exposure Festival will soon be here.

  • January 10 Exposure Festival 2023 Web Site goes live
    The Exposure 2023 programme encompasses over 30 exhibitions that display a wide range of narratives, subjects, practices, and explorations of the photographic medium. Audiences can engage with the Exposure 2023 programme in Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Edmonton, and Frank, with exhibitions and events presented in galleries, museums, libraries, local businesses, outdoors and online!
    To learn more about the upcoming festival, check out www.exposurephotofestival.com / @exposurephotofestival 
  • February 1 My Show “Time Frame” opens to the public on the second floor at cSpace King Edward; 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 6T7
  • February 2 Click here for Exposure Festival Launch Party

    Please note that all attendees of the Launch Party need to register for tickets via the link.
  • February 8 Wednesday my fellow cSpace exhibitors and I will be hosting our official openings at cSpace from 17:00 – 20:00 (5:00 pm to 8:00 pm)
  • February 11 Saturday 14:30 (2:30 pm) I will be giving an 15 – 20 minute artist’s talk on the second floor at cSpace King Edward; 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 6T7

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As always, all comments are welcome and sought.
Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “A Wandering Report 04”

  1. I had a quick look last night enroute to bed. Today I’m just finishing my second cup of coffee, and have the time to examine these photos on the big screen. Something that might be important for other readers to understand is that Sean was wearing waterproof boots, and I was not. What’s really important is that both of us were wearing spiky traction aids.

    The time spent walking near the little river and thinking about composition and exposure times was wonderful, and it’s always great to spend the travel time chatting.

    1: I didn’t see this delicate bit of ice. The texture and hint of colour is lovely.

    3, 4, 5: I like the delicate curtain of ice in the midst of the snow. My eyes kept trying to find texture in the snow. I’m not sure which of the 3 I like best. I think 4. No, wait…

    7: I played with my version of this image a bit, but was unsatisfied with the results. In my head I was thinking the arts and craft eyebrow windows, with an eye peering out, but couldn’t make it work. The fog flowing over the rocks effect is perfect!

    8: The waterproof boots are important here. I saw this chunk of ice, and worked with it a bit, but the composition from the river bank was not pleasing. There’s a lot happening in this that I like, especially the contrast between the grass and ice. The flowing water frame gives the context.

    9: I like that symmetry that you organized your photos so the shared one is 9. In looking at mine in comparison, I think we chose slightly different focus points. I picked the rocks and branches at the centre of the image, and my rock low center is ever so slightly out of focus. I should have tweaked the aperture a bit narrower. I’m pretty sure your exposure time is a bit shorter.

    I’ve flicked back and forth between the images a number of times and I’m finding the comparison is helping appreciate each of them more. I think the B&W version would be stunning in a print because it would enhance the flowing fog effect.

    1. Thank you very much Keith. Yes, I’m still undecided on the marshmallow forms in 4 and 5. Maybe the contrast between cold soft/opaque and cold hard/translucent is too great and there are actually 2 photos there. Cheers

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