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Dear Reader (2020-10-22 updated 10-24, 10-26),

A new version was released on Monday October 26, which reflects a number of corrections and suggestions from readers. Thank you kindly Allyson and Brooke.

I am really pleased today (October 22) to release my first ebook. For those of you who have been reading my posts these past 4/5 months, you will know I have been walking and reporting on those walks. In order to bring some closure to that chapter and before the next chapter begins, I have edited those reports and images into a book called 30 New Walks. Though there may only be a couple of print copies of this publication, this digital version is yours for free.

The book is laid out as a sequence of two-page spreads.  It is best viewed that way on a monitor.  If you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader, that view option can be found under the View menu (top left).  View -> Page Display -> Two Page Display. You can also hide the right hand toolbar.

Please Click the download button to get your free copy. I am not asking for any of your information. I would just like to share this book with you.

As always, all comments are sought and welcome.
Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “Free eBook – 30 New Walks”

  1. Hi, Sean, I just spent a delightful couple of hours reading your walking report and marveling over the images. What a fantastic undertaking! The walking but also the capturing of images, the curating, the thinking and note-taking and everything else in between. But the best part is that the whole, big project brought you joy and that’s something to celebrate. You wanted to get outside and grow and heal and you did. As April would say, Good on ya!
    Thanks for sharing! xox

    1. Reply thank you very much Brooke. I am glad your hours were delightful. Love to all

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