A Walking Report 08

Dear Reader (2020-07-13),

Today is the fourth and final of the current sporadic flurry of posts aimed at getting you caught up on the events of the past two weeks or so.  These posts are not necessarily in the order they were walked.
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Now I have photos to edit from a couple of walks, an overnight road trip to Crowsnest Pass area, and my first session with a nude model outdoors. Stay tuned.

Friday July 03, – Upper Galatea Lake <> 16 km
I was originally thinking of something a little longer, but my blisters from last week are still healing.  For those with more years of walking than me Galatea Lake is an old and popular standby – it is new to me.  The first part of the trail criss-crosses the thoroughly entertaining Galatea Creak on 9 bridges.  Then the real up begins, first to wooded Lillian Lake with its formal and informal benches, many of which are occupied.  I am headed an extra 1 ¼ km to Upper Galatea Lake.  When I arrive, I have the lake to myself, and spend an hour watching clouds, icebergs and reflections.  A couple arrive and I bequeath my lovely lunch spot to them.

The trail is much busier when I descend in early afternoon.  Once again, I am amazed at the footwear and the preparedness of people.  Some have backpacks and are on multi-day hikes.  Others are wearing something with the grip of a sandal, and are carrying only a water bottle.  Speaking of preparedness when I get home, I do a little bit of research on how many calories I consume per hour of hiking.  It appears that I burn about 500 calories per hour.  Eating only a couple of Cliff bars for lunch helps to explain why I run out of energy near the end of my longer walks – the lessons continue.

There are 3 sets of images to this post.  The first set are of a documentary nature, and are diary / reference points. The second contains new images in the “Water Works” series and the third set are new additions to the “Land Mass” series.

Cheers, Sean

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2 Replies to “A Walking Report 08”

  1. Again, never been there. The first set, the middle one with the curving river and trail is interesting.

    The middle set with water, wowzers! This is why I look on the photo editing computer. I was liking each one better than the last, though the log one was a bit jarring. I’m particularly liking the interplay of water and ice, and the subtle colours. The one shadow was reminding me of a polar bear, or a fat T Rex. Something predatory. The water and rocks ones are just right, some colour to brighten it up and give texture, and make it clear that water is cold. Really cold.

    Another set of hikes I’ll have to do sooner or later.

    1. The log wasn’t meant to be jarring but upon further review it is definitely not like the others. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I’ll happily do this one again – let me know when you are interested.

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