Ahh To The Sea Again

Dear Reader,
Today we end the 2019 Devon Trip with a horizontal feast. Besides this post the 6 other posts in the series were:
~ Ahh To The Sea (2019-07-24; 9 images)
~ Dawn to Dusk (2019-07-25; 4 )
~ On the Edge Walking Part 1 ( 2019-07-26; 9)
~ Geology Here and There (2019-08-10; 9)
~ Happy Vertical Day (2019-08-11; 10)
~ Devon Miscellany (2019-08-12; 13)

Total Number of Images Including today’s set 64
Total Captured > 900
Total Deleted > 300
Total >= 4 stars 94

As you can probably guess I’m thrilled with today’s collection. As both a family event and photographically, the trip was a great success. If there are any photos that you found particularly rewarding or disappointing I would love to hear about them.

Cheers, Sean

4 Replies to “Ahh To The Sea Again”

  1. Hi Sean,
    Awesome picture #7 – very interesting rock, sky and water. This amazing scene would be great to work in various ways. I was expecting to view more photos from this scene. Great light and wonderful location are difficult to find. Thanks

    1. Richard, how nice to read your voice. Thank you for visiting and your kind words. The first photo in the “Dawn to Dusk” quartet was taken that same morning further along the beach. There were a number of other experiments from that same location. Though I have kept them, to my current eye they don’t measure up to 7. Cheers, Sean

  2. I love the wide open spaces on a beach, even though it can make photographs a bit challenging. I was nodding along through 1-4, thinking these works fit in well with your other work. I perked up on #5. The sand, the gravel, the sky, all went together in a happy making way. I was undecided about the seagull for a while, then decided it told the story of a gull looking for Jonathan, or dinner, and probably not having much luck with either.
    Then I really perked up for #7. That could almost be one of mine. I love all the lines, the sky drama, the serenity of the gravel and sand, the sky colour, the water, the sand, the overall colour palette. For me, 8 doesn’t work as well as 5, but then I like rocks. I flicked back and forth between 9 and 10 several times, and like them both, but for different reasons., which I’m finding difficult to articulate now. 10 is obviously more inviting and serene, but something about 9. Hmmm.

    1. Thank you for visiting and such a complete comment. I am glad that you see a continuity in vision. April finds 2 particularly interesting for the story that doesn’t exist among the people. Some moments I prefer 8 over 5 and then others moments I flip. The funny think with 9 is the spit of land on the left side. I actually tried to remove it and was not successful, but with practice I think I could get rid of that land. Then the stacking would be better. Cheers, Sean

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