Geology Here and There

Dear Reader,

This first 5 photos (by number) are from Devon. The remaining photos are from Ptarmigan Cirque from over a month ago. Once upon a time I took a course in Geology, and most of it has long since been forgotten. I do though continue to appreciate the lines and forms of rock formations, and still marvel at the concept of geological time, which makes my head hurt. Once we get into astronomical time and distance, my head just becomes painfully agog.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. Those are all quite lovely! Just looking at the group overall, I thought I would like 8 the best, being mostly a colour kind of guy. But once I opened them up and saw the lines and subtle shading in the rest of them I was entranced. Need to go look at them on the bigger screen. Number 2 is a bit of a special case as far as colour goes, since it didn’t overwhelm the lines of the rocks.

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