Ahh To The Sea

Dear Reader,

My family and I have returned from a family celebration held close to Bideford on the North Devon (UK) coast, where we spent 7 nights. Over the coming days I will be posting any number of explorations in a currently unknown order. This series begins with one of life’s great treats, and that is to wander aimlessly along a beach watching anything, everything, nothing – all the time thinking of very little.

Technically I had been wanting to experiment with a neutral density (nd) filter. A 5 stop nd filter allowed for an exposure of around 2 sec at f16.

As always, I welcome and look forward to any comments or emotional responses you care to share.

Cheers, Sean

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    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I see ND filters as tools in my tool kit. Like any tool, they are not always useful or appropriate, but as specialty items they can be helpful at times to realize a particular idea.

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