Too Late But …

Dear Reader,

Wednesday night I thought there might be potential for mist Thursday morning. When the alarm went off at 4:30 the fog was in my head. Where was I going and why? The fog lifted at 5 and shortly thereafter I was out the door with renewed commitment. According to my “Golden Hour” app I would probably be late. I drove on anyway, and the sun rose 15 minutes before I was ready. Rather than continuing north I turned west towards home. If it hadn’t been for a U-turn I would have the missed the capture below. This image is not a false positive , unlike the one from the other day, and is now a proud member of the Thin Line series.

Cheers, Sean

2 Replies to “Too Late But …”

  1. Nice image, but I really need to stop looking at your images on the laptop. Today, for example, I was wondering how you got that diagonal line to extend out from the fence. As I looked more closely, I realized it was a cat hair.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. We have an Alice and a Nora. Alice is happy to sit on my lap as long as she has my undivided attention. This presents a problem when editing photos. Inevitably she gets fed up with my priorities, and leaves. After, which I have to blow the cat hairs off the keyboard.

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