Happy Friday

Friday AM
A new addition to the Thin Line series, which has been updated accordingly, always puts a smile on my face. This morning on the way back from a location which hasn’t worked yet, I found the one below. I had driven by this location any number of times, but it had never really registered until now. Maybe there will be a still foggy day one morning, and I shall return to this gravel road.

Friday PM
After much consideration (ie it has been festering in the back of mind on and off during the day), this photo is only a 3 and therefore it does not meet the minimum requirement to be published as part of the Thin Line series. The photo has been removed from the collection. I am still pleased with the location but not the image.

Cheers, Sean

2 Replies to “Happy Friday”

  1. This is an odd one. I’ve come back to it a couple of times, and spent some time now looking it over. I think there is simultaneously too much happening, and not enough happening. For an ordinary scene photo, such as I would take, there is not enough happening. I’d be looking for more sky drama, reflections, or a polar bear in the water chasing the birds. For what it is that I think you are trying to do, there is far too much happening. If there was no little island, no birds, no patches of snow, and no palpable waves, I think you’d be much happier with the image.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. You articulated the underlying problem with this image and the reason it did not make the Thin Line Series – there is too much happening in the image. The image does not stack well. There are waves on the water, the hydro line is not straight, and the eye is led off the back left edge as the water line is not straight. I do like the location though, and I think it is worth a redo from a slightly different location, and on a calm misty morning.

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