Reconnaissance 03 and a Fruit

Dear Reader,

I’m not done with tumbleweeds but you may want a break. Today was driving day, and because it was just me, I ended up going down a couple of rabbit holes.

Rabbit hole 1: I am someone who takes photographs and I guess that makes me a photographer of some sort. On the other hand, like so many other things in living, I’m really just making things up as I bumble along. Part of the bumbling seems to involve doing a bit of due diligence along the way. So today I was preparing for an upcoming outdoor shoot with a model. The destination had been decided upon, but I wanted to check out specific locations in more detail. That binder I mentioned the other day now has more reference shots.

Rabbit hole 2: When I photography a model, am I photographing the person, or the part the actress is playing. This is probably not a yes no question?

Observation: I seem to max out after about 5 hours. Regardless of how much I enjoy my drives there comes a point somewhere near the 5 hour mark where I cannot really take note of potential locations, vistas, or anything else. At that point I just become a prisoner of the white lines on the highway (thank you Joni – I’ve always loved that line). Well before I became a prisoner, I spotted today’s photo. The lack of saturation came from post-processing .

Cheers, Sean

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  1. Re: the model. I think it depends on what the deal is. If the place is a costume con, then you are almost certainly photographing the role the model is playing. If it’s a family portrait, then it’s almost certainly the people involved. But that still leaves a lot of gray. Or grey, whichever way you swing. A wedding for example. Are you photographing the bride, (hopefully not THE BRIDE” or the person who happens to be playing the role of bride?

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