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Dear Reader,

I am pretty pleased with myself. I have been mucking about with my website in the hopes of better presenting current and historical photographic explorations. Here are the major changes.
~ I now have both a resume and an Artist’s Statement page
~ There is now a new home page that has been tested on apple, android, and microsoft devices. Each image is a link to a different page. I actually did a little bit of coding to get the text to float over the image – yeah me.
~ For those who link directly to the blog the link has changed to “”

These changes were in part spurred on by the responses I received at this year’s “Exposure Review”. Last year my question was on direction, and I presented a technically proficient set of 20 images on my laptop. There was nothing really holding the photos together. This year I arrived with a set of 14 images, all from what I am call the “Roadside Attractions” project. 9 images were from “The Thin Line” series and 5 were from the series that is now (the title is new this month) called “On The Verge”. This year I wanted to know if the work was conceptually coherent enough, and appealing enough for a show. The responses were gratifying. Most of the reviewers I spoke with said yes. There are though some next steps. Those next steps are figure out the words for “Roadside Attractions” (check), make decisions on presentation (in progress), figure out a marketing strategy (oh shit), and then act on it. I was also encouraged to apply to “The Fence“, which I did. As the ever so supportive Dona Schwartz told me, even if nothing comes from your application, going through the application process alone is a good thing to do.

Besides the structural changes, the following photos have been added yesterday and today:
~ In Love this Land there are some photos from a visit to the zoo from earlier this year
~ The Mural Project has two updates (last 2), one is from last night
~ Roadside Attractions has 4 new updates to the Thin Line Series, along with another 4 updates to the new companion collection of “Contenders and Tangents”

Cheers, Sean

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