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Dear Reader (2018-12-11),

One of the lovely things about Lightroom is that as my skills improve, I have the opportunity to revisit images and make better adjustments.  The result is that there are now 5 images in the RA collection.  RA-014 is the most recent one (last in the sequence below), and I am very pleased with it.  Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote in “The Black Swan” about the difficulty many have with randomness.  As a result, we want to apply order and a narrative where none exists.  RA-014  also plays with this idea.

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ra-000-introduction (text)
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RA-Interlude 02 from June 26 (text)

Image Size without white border -> 61″ inches x 41.0″ at 300 pixels / inch.
Proposed Print Size including 2.5 ” white border on all sides -> 60″ x 42″ at 300 pixels / inch

Cheers, Sean

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  1. I looked at these photos again. What do they say to me? Sean tried to run from a raging bull and ripped his pants–20 times!

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