Dawn Missed

(20181104) Dear Reader ,

I missed the dawn yesterday morning.  It wasn’t for a lack of trying.  My destination was a provincial park east of High River by about 45 minutes.  The road was empty, dark, shrouded in mist, and unfamiliar.  Once I had reminded myself to not look beyond my high beams, the driving was therapeutic. I arrived at the lake shore well before dawn.  Only my cell gave me a sense a time – the light did not.  I was undecided about whether 1 or 2 should survive or not. Any thoughts?

These are photos to get lost in.

On a different note, yesterday I thought I had completed a set of 10 images for the Thin Line series (another component of the larger Roadside Attractions umbrella).  Putting together a set of images is a fascinating exercise.  It is all about answering the question does photo x belong with the others already in the set or not?  In the case of the Thin Line many are called – few are chosen.  I remain 1 photo short.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. I have come back to look several times, and to mull. Misty shots are always tricky for me. My take is there has to be something hinted at in the mist or fog, even a shadow of something. This is somewhat true for #4. The bright morning shots for me are a puzzler. I like the wide open sense of space, but in two of them the fence is a barrier for me, though the brush has some interest just in itself. Number 9 has the tracks leading into the field, so that’s a win for me.

    1. Belated thank you for visiting and commenting. One of the things I am trying for is make transport vehicles. I would like the images to not only work as something enjoyable to look at, but to also encourage the viewer to at least pause. Having stopped however briefly my hope is that the viewer is rewarded in some way. I was happy to capture these images, and the fact that you paused makes me smile.

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