Experiments and Ideas after Cows

Dear Reader,

After the mist left the land we continued out Saturday photo ramble.   Today’s set of 5 are related by day only.

  1. The original photo of the pram (it is vertical if you click on it) was well executed, lush in colour, and without atmosphere.  I prefer this de-saturated version.
  2. The insulation hanging from the ceiling nearly worked in colour, but it works better in black and white.  But, before I got there I travelled a short rabbit hole.  Our digital screens have established an expectation of bright crisp colour.  We may be loosing  our ability to appreciate the richness of black and white.  This photo would be better printed.
  3. See 2
  4. This photo is a lesson for me. If I insist on capturing a cliche, at least take the time to frame the shot properly and do it from the right angle.
  5. This is a nearly.  It is not a particularly good shot but there is a kernel of an idea worth protecting from  the byte abyss.

Cheers, Sean

2 Replies to “Experiments and Ideas after Cows”

  1. So shall this photographic style be called postcowalism? (snickers and runs.) I didn’t like any of my shots of the shed and barn or whatever they are. Somehow what I saw didn’t translate onto the camera sensor, or maybe it did and I’m just not feeling it.

    1. And run you should – but I did laugh – where’s the beef. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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