Current and Historical Explorations

Not every image is part of a larger project. Some images are nothing more and nothing less than a quiet revel in whatever struck my fancy at the time. Furthermore, some of those fancies aren’t even landscapes. Other photos are contenders for works in progress. There may even be a series or two that doesn’t yet have an articulated home.

Land Mass

Water Works

On The Verge

Each image is conceived to be approximately 60″ wide. Technically, each image could be printed as wide as 96″ wide, at 300 dpi. Depending on space available, the images could also be printed much less than 60″ wide.

Dawn Blue

Tumbleweeds The Others

The Thin Line – Contenders and Tangents

Zoo Day

Book of Skies

In 2016 I started creating photo books (printed by Blurb), based on some sort of a theme.  The next book will be the “Book of Skies” . Here are some  of the potential candidates for that book.

Return to Roots

Once upon a time I took  primarily black and white photos.  These new photos (2017) are a return to those origins.