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Fruits of Reconnaissance 02

Dear Reader,

Well, besides the thrill and entertainment of going on reconnaissance, the other purpose is to find places to return to. SE of Gleichen there is a wonderful tree. When I found it around 5 days ago, the light was poor. This morning I woke while the stars were still out and went for a drive. I got my new favourite tree in this morning’s early light. There were 2 minutes when the sun was just cresting the hill behind me and giving a warm glow. By the time I had clicked the shutter a dozen times, danced the jig of the morning photographer, sol was veiled in a morning band of cloud. The photo is better than the one from earlier this week but I think there is still a better capture possible. I am always amazed at how the right light can be so fleeting.

I have seen this hotel before, from the main road, and thought it make a worthy night shot. Today I stopped. This morning’s hazy pale light I think suits the scene. The
third photo is a new contribution to “The Thin Line” series from this morning.

Another day and more green highlighter on the paper map. All and all a good morning.

Cheers, Sean