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Prairie Pano Plus

Dear Reader (2019-11-13),

Though I had been thinking of photography, I hadn’t actually been out there with my camera for too long.  On Monday, photography began later than originally envisaged. But, I did get out.  That was a good and needed thing.  When I started driving, my mind was blank of ideas and imagined images.  For the next 3 / 4 (or maybe it was 5) hours I drove 4 sides of a rectangle out NE of Strathmore.  The drive was filled with a multitude of U turns and reverses.

Content as I was, emotionally I wasn’t sure where I was going, what I was doing, or even what I had.  I did think there were some new additions to a series that is not yet ready for prime time.  It wasn’t until the day’s collection was in post that I discovered there were quiet successes.  Despite those successes I remain unsure of many of the images in today’s collection.  For instance, photo 4 (16 x9) and 5 (pano) are taken from the nearly identical spot.  Does one work better than other (based on any criteria that comes to mind or heart)?  Again, what about 6 and 7?   I really like 8 and 9 might be a 5 (too early to tell).  10 is a nearly (nearly good but is probably a 3). The fence is too close to the bottom edge and the left side is cut-off. The result is the whole image feels cramped.

As always, I invite your comments, especially given my above indecisiveness.  Also as usual, this set will work better on a monitor than a phone.

Cheers, Sean

Not The Limpopo River

Dear Reader (2019-11-03),

This collection is not about crossing the great green greasy Limpopo River.  For fans of Rudyard Kipling and the Just So Stories, the Limpopo River is where the elephant got its trunk.  In my case I met a couple of people crossing the Red Deer river who were returning to their home in the Maritimes, after travelling by motorcycle through 13 states and as far as north as Alaska.

I met nothing that even vaguely resembled a crocodile when I drove out into the Prairies late August, in the general vicinity of Drumheller. Some of these images are panoramas and would print very nicely very wide.

Cheers, Sean

PS Thank you Kelly for adding me to your blog roll.