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From the Shot List

Dear Reader,

Between my mind and recorded fragments, I have a shot list. Sunday morning, I had plans, and then I saw the fog, crabbed the camera bag and tripod, and drove downtown to the Gas Plus bar to retake a photo. My previous attempt had been a bit of a pig and lipstick story. No matter how much post-processing I did it was still a pig.

Sunday, was a different story. While I was setting up the tripod and doing a couple of test shots, I noticed a man and his belongings off to my right. When he looked as if he was going to cross my path, I asked if he minded if I took his photo. In the first dozen images he was playing to the camera. Those images didn’t work. I am pleased with the one below. I asked our daughter if she preferred the colour of the b&w version. She like the b&w version because it is easier to see the cart in the b&w version. She is right. The colour though initially captivating is actually distracting, and the story get’s missed. I am also pleased because I took this photo with the subject’s permission (I am slowly learning to ask strangers for permission).

The pair of photos is of a scene that I wanted to make sure I captured before the bridge was lost. In the past 2 months I have lost now vanished scenes because I didn’t plan soon enough. I actually like both versions of the image. Do you have a preference?

Cheers, Sean

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