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Learnin and Workin

Dear Reader,

I am glad to be back at work. As per normal for this roving resource / sr. business analyst the field is new, the learning curve is steep, and my brain is mostly certainly engaged. Though my skill set is not vertical specific, every new vertical and organization has a language to learn.

Just for fun, I have also started a new online photography course, which was recommended by a friend, and is taught by David duChemin. I hadn’t actually been looking for one, but there was a corner of my being that was looking for guidance in the realm of craft and creativity. Opportunities arrive when we’re open to accepting them. The course, which is now closed to new participants, had already started when I joined. I have just completed my first assignment, produce a body of work (read series) of 12 photos. Ah, this is something I know about, but this is all about learning.

Yesterday, was grey and uninspiring, and a fine day for puttering indoors. Today was gorgeous. The “List ” was far too long to spend half the day driving, so I spent 2 hours in the front yard with tulips and daffodils. 12 photos of flowers was my objective, but first I needed some self-assigned constraints. Here they are: low ISO, high aperture, slow speed, 105 macro lens, and tripod. I wanted a touch of motion and sharpness, in order to give my images a sense of life. Now, you will go but but … that doesn’t make sense. And you are absolutely right, but hey those were the constraints I gave myself. Guess what, most of the images didn’t work, and I won’t bore you with those. The two below though I like – they have sensuality and life.

Cheers Sean

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So Much To Say

Dear Reader (2019-05-12),

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. It was a time of successes.  It was a time of pain. At long last, spring returned, and the new back deck was open again.  April and I went galivanting through CBC’s Calgary Reads book sale and found a suitcase of books. I had my second session with a model.  It was an outdoor session in a seldom used corner of Fish Creek park.  The diet of Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, and Amoxycillin has grown thin.  The dietary restrictions should end tomorrow morning, after I have had a root canal.  In the afternoon I return to the working world.  The income will be good.  The loss of time will reduce the frequency of daytime photo rambles – the night rambles return.

Having an income leads to the possibility of a new camera. Now there is a rabbit hole which you may want to skip (go to bye bye rabbit).

I am not interested in making movies.  All I want is a really good still camera with the capability to correct perspective.  Up until yesterday, I thought I was bound to Nikon. Actually, I only have one lens that could be used on a full-frame Nikon that is of sufficient quality to support a high resolution. In other words, my bias towards Nikon is familiarity, habit, and emotion. 

The first contender is a 4 x5 digital view camera that LargeSense is still developing and will have an estimated retail price of $US 48,500.00.  That is just crazy talk and is only a lottery win away. A Phase One camera is equally priced and unobtainable.  It doesn’t even have perspective controls.  Really – what’s the point?  The tonal range and pixel size of a medium format is very appealing, but traveling with one reminds me of an observation made years ago, when I was wandering questionable streets of Quito, Ecuador.  My camera of the time, which I still have, was a Nikon FM, and I was shooting Kodachrome with a polarizing filter (for the blue). I remember seeing a woman off to my left with a Hasselblad around her neck and dressed to match. Nothing says rob-me quite like a Hassy. There are still some trails to walk literally and figuratively. So, I’m back to a camera that supports a full-frame sensor, to which I can attach a tilt-shift lens. At this point brand is unknown – stay tuned

Bye Bye Rabbit

There are two collections today.  The first collection is from this past Wednesday.  Unable to concentrate I went out to a familiar area (Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park) and walked a new trail.  The skies were at times ominous and wet.  The second collection is from yesterday.  Sunray Suzie (see Model Mayhem) was a pleasure to work with.  She also gets credit for making all three of the dresses she posed in. This was my second shoot with a model, and I was pleased I had first practised studio lighting with the also ever so helpful Elora Dawn (see Model Mayhem).  As I started to assemble the collection, I realized that putting Suzie with Glenbow Ranch was too disconcerting, so today is only a short introduction.

Cheers, Sean

Too Late But …

Dear Reader,

Wednesday night I thought there might be potential for mist Thursday morning. When the alarm went off at 4:30 the fog was in my head. Where was I going and why? The fog lifted at 5 and shortly thereafter I was out the door with renewed commitment. According to my “Golden Hour” app I would probably be late. I drove on anyway, and the sun rose 15 minutes before I was ready. Rather than continuing north I turned west towards home. If it hadn’t been for a U-turn I would have the missed the capture below. This image is not a false positive , unlike the one from the other day, and is now a proud member of the Thin Line series.

Cheers, Sean

On The Verge 02

Dear Reader (2019-05-05),

I know it has been weighing on your mind – has the OTV series come to an end? Fear not, the raw material for another 2 or 3 images have been sitting on the hard-drive waiting for a grey day. Days where colour and contrast have been interesting enough to compensate for “The Time of The Flat Light” have been rare. And so, yesterday and today were fine times to do some assembling. The result is a new addition to the On The Verge series.

As in the other cases, this image looses sharpness through compression. If you would like to see the crispy version, please let me know.

Cheers, Sean

Happy Friday

Friday AM
A new addition to the Thin Line series, which has been updated accordingly, always puts a smile on my face. This morning on the way back from a location which hasn’t worked yet, I found the one below. I had driven by this location any number of times, but it had never really registered until now. Maybe there will be a still foggy day one morning, and I shall return to this gravel road.

Friday PM
After much consideration (ie it has been festering in the back of mind on and off during the day), this photo is only a 3 and therefore it does not meet the minimum requirement to be published as part of the Thin Line series. The photo has been removed from the collection. I am still pleased with the location but not the image.

Cheers, Sean