Monthly Archives: October 2018

Five Fours

(20181028) Dear Reader ,

Here are the 5 that survived from yesterday’s drive out past Elbow Falls with Keith C.  It is always a treat to take a drive into this gorgeous country.  As per my photographic norms, the image I had in mind was not to be had.  Instead there were other rewards.  And there dear reader is a quiet truth about landscape photography. All three of vision, technique, and the elements must align for a planned image to be captured.  The gods are fickle.  We as mere mortals adapt as necessary.  Images 1 and 2 are experiments using flash.  I like the results.  What do you think?

Beginning late December, you will see more of my studio assistant, Steve, who I am introducing today.

Cheers, Sean

An Alberta Morning

Dear Reader, 2018-10-21

In answer to the question, so, what happened?  I can’t really explain.  The shutter continues to click and I haven’t felt much like sharing.

Yesterday morning, while April slept, I returned to a familiar place with a single capture in mind.  Guess what, the sun no longer rises in its summer location.  For a sometimes-bright man I do seem to forget seasonal basics.  Ah well, the morning had its rewards.

The last image was on the drive home. In colour the photo was banal.  In black and white, I like it.

Cheers, Sean