Another Happy Cow Day

Dear Reader,

This past Saturday morning the alarm went off at 2:30 in the morning.  April to her credit says that was the middle of the night – she’s probably right. By 3:30 I had picked Keith up and we were on our way for an enjoyable photo ramble to Nanton and parts South and West of there.  The  ranch  lands in the foothills of the Livingston range are magical, and that area is becoming a favourite of mine.  What’s more, cows make me smile. We travelled on roads new and old.

The photos from that day will come in 3 parts.  These first 6 go together and are the results of ruthless editing.  The editing may have to continue as I am not sure that the second photo in row 1 should survive.  What do you think. Does it add or subtract from the collection?   I thank Kevin Boyle (represented by Christine Klassen) for the inspiration of photo 1.

Cheers, Sean

4 thoughts on “Another Happy Cow Day

    1. spd_wp_admin Post author

      As always thank you for visiting and especially for your kind words.

  1. Keith

    It’s always interesting to see what photos other people take on a photo ramble. This is sort of like those puzzles, which of these doesn’t belong? If I had to say, it would be the first in row 2, since there is essentially no fog and no obvious cows.

    1. spd_wp_admin Post author

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. Stay tuned for part 2 later today.


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