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Experiments and Ideas after Cows

Dear Reader,

After the mist left the land we continued out Saturday photo ramble.   Today’s set of 5 are related by day only.

  1. The original photo of the pram (it is vertical if you click on it) was well executed, lush in colour, and without atmosphere.  I prefer this de-saturated version.
  2. The insulation hanging from the ceiling nearly worked in colour, but it works better in black and white.  But, before I got there I travelled a short rabbit hole.  Our digital screens have established an expectation of bright crisp colour.  We may be loosing  our ability to appreciate the richness of black and white.  This photo would be better printed.
  3. See 2
  4. This photo is a lesson for me. If I insist on capturing a cliche, at least take the time to frame the shot properly and do it from the right angle.
  5. This is a nearly.  It is not a particularly good shot but there is a kernel of an idea worth protecting from  the byte abyss..

Cheers, Sean

Another Happy Cow Day

Dear Reader,

This past Saturday morning the alarm went off at 2:30 in the morning.  April to her credit says that was the middle of the night – she’s probably right. By 3:30 I had picked Keith up and we were on our way for an enjoyable photo ramble to Nanton and parts South and West of there.  The  ranch  lands in the foothills of the Livingston range are magical, and that area is becoming a favourite of mine.  What’s more, cows make me smile. We travelled on roads new and old.

The photos from that day will come in 3 parts.  These first 6 go together and are the results of ruthless editing.  The editing may have to continue as I am not sure that the second photo in row 1 should survive.  What do you think. Does it add or subtract from the collection?   I thank Kevin Boyle (represented by Christine Klassen) for the inspiration of photo 1.

Cheers, Sean


Dear Reader,

The image below has suffered from compression and some detail has been lost.  If you want to see the nice and crispy version, let me know and we can arrange to meet.

Series Introduction:
ra-000-introduction (text)

Interludes so far:
RA-Interlude 01 from June 16 (text)
RA-Interlude 02 from June 26 (text)

Current Direction:
~ RA-008 (image)

Image Size without white border
-> 61 inches x 41.0 inches at 300 pixels / inch.
Proposed Print Size including 2.5 inch white border on all sides
-> 60 inches x 42 inches at 300 pixels / inch


Cheers, Sean

Consolation, Yellow, and Triangles

Consolation, Yellow, and Triangles

Updated 22:45 after spotting.

Some time ago I posted a consolation photo.  I ran out of day as I tried to get to a particular vantage point in the Livingston range north west of the Chain Lakes.  On the evening of August 7th, I drove out to that vantage point.  As the blue of the evening faded to black, I laid out my sleeping bag, foam pad, and pillow in the bed of my truck.  A vision of sleeping under stars vanished with the howling wind.  The inside of the truck was quieter, but it only has one bench seat and it is narrower than I am tall.  After a truly ghastly sequence of uncomfortable catnaps, the alarm went off at 4:30 Sunday morning.

This little adventure had begun with a dawn photo in mind.  As is so often the case with both life and photography, my ideas and my reality differed.  Photographically the sunrise was not particularly noteworthy.  So, I tried to make it interesting (photo 1), and once again we have a  consolation prize (photo 2).



The other two photos that survived the digital shredder are in today’s gallery (below).

Yesterday morning the alarm went off at 3:30, and I stumbled out of bed at 4:09.  I thought there might be some mist to be found out towards Acme.  I came across a possibility but I could not wrap my head around angle, location, and perspective.  Ok, there was a faint glimmer of an idea that vanished in the white lines of the highway.

The theme that emerged was yellow and triangles.

If you are worried that the RA series has gone fear not.  I have made some mistakes and learned some things since the last image.  My current challenge is to get to the places I have in mind at the right time of day.

It is always a treat to read your comments.

Cheers, Sean