Roadside Attractions Excerpt

Dear Reader,

I mentioned the other day that I am working on a number of series.  All the series fit under the broad banner called “Roadside Attractions”.  I am currently calling today’s incomplete series “The Thin Line”.  Though I have posted some of these in the past month, I thought it might be interesting to show them all together as a cohesive work in progress.

Does it resonate with you on any level?

Cheers, Sean

2 thoughts on “Roadside Attractions Excerpt

  1. Keith

    I have looked at these several times. They look like peaceful spots to set up and enjoy the view. Until a gravel truck on a construction season mission roared by…

    I like the thin line 5 and 1 and 2 best, though I had to go through them several times. These are the ones where there are some clouds reflected in the water. Tomorrow it might be something different.

    There was something else. Oh yes, sets. I’m still working on getting individual nice photos, mostly. The idea of grouping them into related sets is a new and foreign to me. Working on it too.

    1. spd_wp_admin Post author

      As always, thank you for visiting and especially for commenting.


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