Nearly Pink

Dear Reader,

Last week was the week of Blue Mondays.  As I was feeling, bored, flat and disengaged, I went exploring.  In the end  I re-discovered some work by one of the greats of photography, Harry Callahan.  The work of Chris Malloy (Calgary photographer) led me to the Patrick Joust (Baltimore Photographer) and Illsfoto (Instagram).  Joust photographs Baltimore at night.  The photos are gorgeous but Baltimore looks painful.  Illsfoto led me to some Instagram ideas, which will have to wait for another day. The work of all 3 of these photographers have at least some of their roots in the work of Callahan.

Sunday morning, I was up at a really silly hour for a dawn drive.  By the time I was driving towards home, Black Diamond was the busiest I had ever seen it.  People were headed to church, and I was headed for breakfast.

I  found a new location or two.  Even though the photos are technically flawd, they are worth sharing, as a lesson in mindfullness.   Though I know to check the focus after each change in settings, and to stabalize the tripod, I was not as mindful as I should have been.  The photos suffered. The pink lasted seconds before clouds and haze erased them.

Cheers, Sean

4 thoughts on “Nearly Pink

  1. Keith

    Black Diamond is a happening place. Chuckwagon in Turner Valley is my fave. I keep working on mindfulness while photographing. A work in progress. So is pink.

    1. spd_wp_admin Post author

      Thank you for visiting and the comment. We’re still partial to the beef dip at the Black Diamond Hotel.


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