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Sometimes A Mistake Is Interesting

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was a good morning at Big Hills Springs Provincial Park just outside of Calgary. My friend Keith and I went for a photo tour.  The place was new to us both. My one objective was to photograph water.  I am pleased with the results.  For this particular waterfall 1/50 of second seemed to work better than 1/25 of a second.  ISO was 160.  As well, there was this happy accident that once cropped and straightened made me smile.

As always, comments are sought and welcome.

Cheers, Sean

PS – I am sure Keith will have something up soon and I invite you to visit his page too.


Bird on a Wire

Well Dear Reader,

This past weekend we had a friend from the west coast visit us.  Sunday morning we visited one of my recurring photographic destinations just west of Calgary in the Alberta foothills. We ambled over hill and dale for an easy 8 kilometers sometimes in silence, sometimes chatting, and often with fingers on shutters.  It was a good morning.

Cheers, Sean