30 in 30

30 Photographic Experiments in 30 Days Conducted from April 4 Through to May 3, 2020

Table of Contents
The Images Followed by Titles
The Rules


Earlier this year (2020) I was fed up – fed up with the banality of most of my images – fed up with the fact that I was retaking a handful of images in different settings. Then the Covid times arrived and I was now both fed up and feeling lost. Enough was enough. On April 4, 2020 the 30 photographic experiments in 30 days began. There were rules.

The Rules

  1. Each experiment is new (technique or processing or subject matter or approach) to me, and an experiment had to be completed every day.
  2. No repeats and no revisiting old ideas
  3. The result of an experiment has a title, is posted on the day the experiment is completed, and is not necessarily polished.
  4. All experiments are to be completed on our property (most were done inside in what I now call the lab).
  5. Spend money only if absolutely necessary.

My notes on this series can be found in this post (click here) and your comments are always welcome.

Cheers, Sean

All rights for all material on any media reserved – © Sean P Drysdale 2020

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