Back to Breakfast

Dear Reader (2019-12-27), Before the interludes (previous 2 posts), I mentioned in Foggy Experiment that there would be a collection called Out to Breakfast. This is the first post in that collection. Keith and I drove out to Two Jack Lake last week for a … Continue readingBack to Breakfast

More Interlude

Dear Reader (2019-12-26), I hope you are having a wonderful week. In my delusions, I like to think you enjoyed the Christmas Eve Interlude, and said to yourself “I like that – I wonder if there are more like it”. How nice of you ask. … Continue readingMore Interlude


Dear Reader (2019-12-24), I hope you and those near and dear to you have a very Merry Christmas. Thank you ever so much for being a reader, a viewer, a commentator, an audience. Near Mallard Point of Fish Creek Park – captured 2019-12-23; size approx. … Continue readingInterlude

Out to Pasture – I

Dear Reader (2019-12-22), In response to yesterday’s post (Foggy Experiment), Keith asked further questions about how the smoke behaves. The fog rises and therefore one has limited time to work with it. Eventually, as I hope was visible in yesterday’s sequence, the room fills with … Continue readingOut to Pasture – I

Foggy Experiment

Dear Reader (2019-12-21), There have been any number of photographic journeys over the past 2 weeks or so, and unfortunate technical issues with this web-site. I believe those issues have been resolved (too much work on my part) . Please let me know if you … Continue readingFoggy Experiment


Dear Reader (2019-12-06), Today the walk along 17th continues. But, we have a problem. There were not enough of any of the following explorations to make a complete post. Instead you get a cornucopia of views that caught my attention. In other words, there is … Continue readingWhiplash