Clean Up 20190430

Dear Reader (2019-04-30), There are 3 images from today that are from all over the map, but they do all come from Friday’s drive. The first image was originally shown, slightly edited, as 6 tiles on Instragram (@artspud80). Cheers, Sean


Dear Reader (2019-04-29) In Saturday’s post I mentioned I had been on a country drive.  The town of Swalwell has no services.  It does though have a recently renovated community centre, a Railway Avenue, and a number of residents living a prairie life.  As I … Continue readingSwalwell


Dear Reader (2019-04-28), I know the golden rule of social media is to only show completed work.  But hey, it’s my website, my rules.  Today I have 4 versions of the same image for you.   The photo was captured on Friday’s 2 hour tour.  In … Continue readingOMFG

Fair is Fair

Dear Reader Some people may think verges have no feelings. That’s just crazy talk. Of course verges have feelings. So, in fairness to both sides of the road I returned to the site of the Dawn Blues in the evenings as well. Now neither side … Continue readingFair is Fair