Driving Home

Dear Reader, Well, isn’t it funny how some photos are planned and some are more about chance favouring the prepared mind.  Friday evening there was a brief flash of interesting colour in the sky.  By the time I had found a safe spot to stop … Continue readingDriving Home

Better This Time

Dear Reader, I revisited a location this morning, because I bungled the previous visit and the light was off.  The light wasn’t right either when I first drove by.  1 hour later there was a window in the morning cloud  that provided the contrast I … Continue readingBetter This Time

Happy New Year

Dear Reader, May 2019 meet all your needs, half your wants, and be filled with many smiles. Saturday, I was on a dawn scouting expedition.  Maybe the morning would be one of those legendary prairie sunrises.  It wasn’t, but I do love our skies, even … Continue readingHappy New Year