More Roadside Attractions

Thursday night was let’s photograph murals in the Calgary Beltline as per the map from BUMP (Beltline Urban Murals Project)  Keith (, as always, was an enjoyable accomplice (he also  had the map and the car). This post comes in 3 parts~ The Photos~ … Continue readingMore Roadside Attractions

A Rare 5

Dear  Reader, I have yet to share this photo from early November. On the Sean scale this is a five. It is a photo I have returned to off and on over the past month or so.  I am so very pleased with it.  Whether … Continue readingA Rare 5

RA So Far

Dear Reader (2018-12-11), One of the lovely things about Lightroom is that as my skills improve, I have the opportunity to revisit images and make better adjustments.  The result is that there are now 5 images in the RA collection.  RA-014 is the most recent … Continue readingRA So Far