Dear Reader,

Well I am now caught up with this series. Here is Sunday’s image.

The image below has suffered from compression and some detail has been lost.  If you want to see the nice and crispy version, let me know and we can arrange to meet.

The introduction from Monday 2018-06-04 has been updated, and it can be found here: ra-000-introduction.

Image Size without white border
-> 45.5 inches x 51.0 inches at 300 pixels / inch.
Proposed Print Size including 2.75 inch white border left, right, top
-> 42 inches x 55 inches at 300 pixels / inch


Until Tomorrow, Cheers, Sean
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2 Replies to “RA-006”

  1. OK, I have come back to these several times each, at different times of day, on several different monitors. There have been some faint glimmerings, but I admit to mostly being baffled, more with the first 3. For the last three, with the bottom layer of photos being slightly different, those seemed a bit more accessible. And the wider border at the bottom?

    I did have fun following the references you mentioned. I know you will be shocked and horrified that I had never heard of either Dusseldorf School of Photography or David Hockney. In fact, the only reference that the name Hockney brings to mind is The Usual Suspects.

    1. First of all thank you for taking the time to revisit and think about these images. I will try and return your consideration by offering at least a partial explanation in a subsequent post.

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