A Dozen Plus Goat

Dear Reader,

Last weekend there was no road trip.  Instead, I experimented in the garden.  Those experiments produced lessons for me but nothing I care to share.  Earlier this morning,  there were roads new and old to me.  I slept through the alarm at 3:45, and only woke up at 4:20 when my wife asked me if I was still going for a drive.  10 minutes later I was out the door.

So, I have started to think in terms of series.  All these photos were taken this morning, and are contributions to multiple series, except for the goat.  The goat was for fun.  He and his mate were near the middle of the gravel road and rather hard to miss.  Though I was thinking of series this morning, I was also just reveling in the drive and the experience.

Rather than a collection of related thoughts, these photos and today’s posting are Works in Progress.  The photos are numbered in the order they were captured.

Cheers, Sean

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