Not The Planned Day

Dear Reader,

Yesterday evening, I checked the weather and said to myself, “self tomorrow will be a good morning, and you should get your ass out of bed bright and early, drive just west of Drumheller, and explore an area on your list.”

4:30 this morning arrived.  I turned over, saying to myself it’s too early.  65 minutes later I awoke again and 15 minutes later I was out the door.

I was thinking of cultural landscapes, as I drove.  At its simplest cultural landscapes are vistas that recognize the human touch to the land.  Later in the day, I was also thinking the photographic explorations I share with you are often all over the map.  As a result, the photos appear disconnected.   To be honest not only are the photos disconnected, but my thoughts are not always coherent. Today though, I have 4 photos exploring cultural landscapes.  As well I wanted to let you know visually that these were roadside attractions.

By the time I reached my intended destination, I had become so distracted by the previous hours’ light, the best light of the morning was gone.  These are some of the distractions.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. My goodness! That first one is amazing! I love that you left your shadow in it. And the sense of depth with the clouds is a winner. The other three are nice, and my preference is for the middle one of them. There seems to be a little more to look at, and fewer barriers between me and the image. I found the last one in particular to be difficult to get past the road, even though there is a lovely landscape there. But that’s part of the cultural-ness of the landscape, the impact we’ve had.

    We have discussed the idea that photos that are placed together automatically have a connection, whether the photographer intended it or not. I have several times found that my incoherent thoughts of what I was doing, have led to unsatisfactory photos. It’s a fine balance for me, to go out with the intention to look for x, while being open to discovering y and z along the way.

    I have no problem with the getting up early part, but for some reason have not done the actual driving part. There may be some impetus for that arriving today. Maybe.

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