Mini Wheats

Dear Reader,

Not so long ago or once upon a time our son would only eat about 5 things,  cheerios, bananas, bacon, crunchy fruit, milk, and mini wheats.  On Saturday, Keith and I took the long way to Red Deer through the foothills northish of Cochrane.

At other times, I have referred to the large round hay bales that dot the prairie landscape, as sentinels of the land.  The snow fell heavy last week.  Saturday, those bales were all frosted and looked like mini wheats. Keith has a couple of posts, and photos from the drive.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. I was curious to see what you would post from the drive. I know you were quite taken with the muffets, as we call them. My photos of them did not work out as I had hoped. We have almost identical shots for your last two photos, but the difference is the treatment. Mine are grayer as I tried to bring out the texture and shadows in the snow. I ended up tweaking the shadows on the shed a little differently than the rest.

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