Happy Accident

Dear Reader,

Here is another photo that may make you question my sanity or at least perspective.  I have kept coming back to it since it was first captured last weekend.   The more I looked at it, the more I enjoyed it.

It is the result, in part, of negligence.  I thought the shutter speed and aperture settings for the sunset photo earlier in the morning were a little strange.  When I got home from that morning’s ramble, I realized that the photo below had been captured at an ISO setting of 1000. That is a substantially higher than I normally use.  I think the grain works.

What do you think  of the photo?

The second photo is one of the sunrise photos from that day that survived the digital cutting room floor.  I like just the hint of sun rising to light the day.

Cheers, Sean

PS Coming soon – a visit to the Exposure Festival.

2 Replies to “Happy Accident”

  1. I am liking the sunrise! The other one, I’m not so sure. This might be a case where the web version has been downsized to take the subtle detail out. Maybe if I was looking on the big computer rather than laptop with a filthy screen. Hmmm.

    1. Thank you for visiting and the comment. I am sure a cleaner screen would help but you may be disappointed. The picture has limited if any details :).

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