Wood and Wire

Dear Reader, So here are 3 from Saturday’s drive, 2 from last December, and 1 from March of 2016 to complete the set.   I have nothing to write.  I hope you enjoy the photos.The first three are verticals. They may not appear correctly in the … Continue readingWood and Wire

Mini Wheats

Dear Reader, Not so long ago or once upon a time our son would only eat about 5 things,  cheerios, bananas, bacon, crunchy fruit, milk, and mini wheats.  On Saturday, Keith and I took the long way to Red Deer through the foothills northish of … Continue readingMini Wheats

Happy Accident

Dear Reader, Here is another photo that may make you question my sanity or at least perspective.  I have kept coming back to it since it was first captured last weekend.   The more I looked at it, the more I enjoyed it. It is the … Continue readingHappy Accident