Happy New Year, Hope and Beauty

Dear Reader,
Initially published 2017-12-31 – changed to address gallery changes 2019-12-16

And so the year comes to an end, not with a whimper but a bang (apologies to TS Eliiot).

I have thoroughly enjoyed having a 2 week stay cation.  I have had the opportunity to go on a number of photo rambles, some alone and some with company.  All were a treat.  I am particularly pleased with some photos. Other are like Air Canada (so what), and I will not burden you with those.  I have also started to think again about the emotional and communicative elements of photography.  Two days ago, I read the following article by Colin Dutton: http://www.manfrottoschoolofxcellence.com/2017/10/reading-photographs/.  He proposes an exercise of describing photos you find strong, in a way that communicates some of the heart, content. and nuances of the image.  I accept the challenge, and it is one that I will take up once I return.  I have read Blake, and recent signs from the universe suggest it is time to re-visit at least some of his poems with now older eyes.

Yes, I will be leaving this blog for a week or two for two reasons.  The first, is that I will be returning to work, and that will require my focus and concentration in the immediate future.  As well I have some very dry and boring webmaster tasks to undertake.  The site needs to be secured, there are some anti-spam referral tools to find and install, and I need to obtain some new domain names to protect my name.

I initially planned to spread the following collections over a number of posts. Instead, I present them to you all together.

  • Collection 1. I love winter light on the prairies.  Earth and sky are at time indistinguishable. In that frozen sleep, there is both hope and beauty. (see previous Mossleigh posts)
  • Collection 2. The best of the Mossleigh ramble. (see previous Mossleigh posts)
  • Collection 3. On a cold winter’s night, the snow laden skies, make the night even lonelier.  That same blanket both hides and reveals details that could otherwise be missed.  For another take on that ramble I invite you to read Keith’s blog post http://keithsodyssey.blogspot.ca/2017/12/the-road-to-nowheresville-or-not-maybe.html.
  • Collection 4 (one photo). Electricity Ghosts Light the Night
  • Collection 5. The first photo is the original and the second has had considerable post-processing. I believe the second is truer to the night.

Collection 3

Collection 4

Collection 5

I hope the coming year meets all your needs and at least some of your wants.
Cheers, Sean

4 Replies to “Happy New Year, Hope and Beauty”

  1. I have come back several times to reflect upon these. The first ones are on the bleak side than I generally prefer, but you’ve captured it well. I have to say I think your captures from our night out are better than mine. I’ve got one of you hard at work, keep an eye on my blog for it, titled Recen hidden gems. Of the last two, I prefer the first version.

    1. Thank you for your comments and especially thank you for taking the time to revisit with reflection.

  2. You managed to capture the bleakness of winter very well, Sean. But after our recent sub-sub-sub-sub zero temperatures, more reminiscent of Antarctica than Canada, I’d prefer palm trees. In the absence of real ones, photos will do.

    1. Thank you for visiting and your comment. Unfortunately, I have no photos of palm trees and sadly none are likely in the near future. Cheers

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