The Backside is a 5

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was at times a silly happy one.  It was partially planned and partially an example of chance favouring the prepared mind.  In other words, I went for a drive and dumb luck happened. Fortunately I was alone.  A passenger would have been  driven nuts by my behaviour. There were U turns in the middle of empty roads, stops at the side of the road for no apparent reason, reversal of vehicle and thought on country lanes, and general meandering.  The destination was Mossleigh, where I had a simple lunch with a glass of wine in an old railway car at Aspen Crossing.

At my first stop I captured what may be a familiar site to some of you (first photo).  But, the other side was my first 5 star photo (second photo) of the day.  Just in case you are wondering, all the photos of the next 2 or 3 days have had minimal, if any post-processing.

Cheers, Sean

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