High Key South of Glenmore

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was a good day photographicaly.  Keith and I had great amble and babble along some of the trails in South Glenmore Park yesterday.  My objective was to try my hand at white on white.  I am happy with the result. I do though think I need another iteration of adjusting the colour.  That said I hope you enjoy them.

Keith`s take on the ramble can be found here:

Cheers, Sean

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  1. Thank you for the link to my blog. I’d say the white on white thing worked out well. I’m not sure where you got the first one (top left), but I quite like it. You’ve captured the texture nicely. The top right one reminds me of a similar one I did in our garden, liking the image of a plant struggling to stay above the snow so it knows when spring comes. At first I thought the middle one in the left column was all about snow texture, and my eye sort of slid past it, but when I looked at the embiggened version I could see what prompted the shot. I’m glad to see the bullrush shot worked out. All in all an excellent ramble.

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