November Dawns

Dear Reader,

I have now completed 2 iterations of a photo book for family members.  They are now in appreciative hands.  The working world continues to go well, and is at times mentally exhausting.  Today though is a day off, which means I was up early enough to photograph the dawn.  I was also up bright and early Saturday morning.  The first photo is from Saturday and the other two are from this morning.

november-dawn-03 november-dawn-01 november-dawn-02

Cheers, Sean


4 Replies to “November Dawns”

  1. I am liking the composition and delicate touch of light on the vegetation in #1. Bravo for going easy on post-processing. One of my goal shots is a cloudless sky sunrise, with not much on the horizon, and capturing the dark blue black at the zenith, through the various shades of colour to bright peachy orange of almost dawn light. Timing is all. Except for those pesky clouds 🙂 you’ve come very close.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Speaking of post-processing, you are absolutely right. I did very little. Along with others who have written about Nikon’s raw processing algorithm, I somtimes find Nikon’s default profile a little soft. For this photo, the two post-processing steps were to use Lightroom’s landscape profile and increase the exposure by .60. Cheers

  2. Great photos, Sean, and I’m extremely jealous I don’t have the day off and couldn’t join you today for a photography session. I too noted how lovely today’s sunrise was. Lovely salmon-colored clouds greeted me this morning. The start to this day was both eye candy and soul food.

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