Dock Side of The Loon

Dear Reader,

I have spent the past week living by the side of a gorgeous lake just south of Algonquin park in Ontario.  The west facing dock was the site of the following  study.

The 5th photo is my first successful attempt at focus stacking.   It is a combination of 3 photos and the resulting image is over 140 MB in size.  Does anyone want an image of dock boards to cover a living room wall 🙂 ?


Cheers, Sean

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  1. Nice! I have 5 images of some sunflower bits that I am mustering the mojo for in an attempt to try focus stacking. And there’s two of a bike chain. And 3 of a baby lake kraken. I have read the procedure, and it seems as straightforward as anything else in Photoshop. A buddy says it’s “easy-peasy”. Yeah. I am terrified. I wonder if there is enough wine in the basement to fortify me.

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