July Photo Tour

Dear Reader,

This past weekend I participated in Neil Zeller’s  July photo tour. We spent Saturday looking at Calgary from various new and familiar vantage points. We spent most of the Sunday session west of Turner Valley. Neil was an enthusiastic guide and was always happy to answer questions. Furthermore, those answer`s were helpful.

My current 5 star classification system is
1 Delete
2 Not particular good but have the germ of a location or idea worth revisiting
3 Air Canada; nothing particularly wrong with them; nothing particularly right with them either
4 Nice Photo
5 Aahhh

Of the 248 photos that made it into the computer here is what happened to them.
161 deleted
2 star – 67
3 star – 24
4 star – 07 – see below
5 star – 00

You may wonder, given the amount of effort I went to photography water why none made it to the 4 star bin. The answer dear reader is one of the weekend’s lesson. Water falls, for me, work well when the water turns to silk, or when the drops are frozen in time. I have photos that were neither.

Cheers, Sean

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  1. I am lazier than you with star ratings. I flag those to be deleted with an x, and periodically delete them. 1 star is worth looking at again to decide if it should be edited. Several photos of the same thing might get starred. 2 stars are for the obvious no brainer edits that I don’t want to overlook. Sometimes a 1 star gets bumped to 2 stars to separate it from the herd. 3 stars is edited. 4 stars is a good photo I’d be happy to show anyone. 5 is Wow! Now, if only I could be as rigorous with keywords. I agree about the water.

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