Sometimes A Mistake Is Interesting

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was a good morning at Big Hills Springs Provincial Park just outside of Calgary. My friend Keith and I went for a photo tour.  The place was new to us both. My one objective was to photograph water.  I am pleased with the results.  For this particular waterfall 1/50 of second seemed to work better than 1/25 of a second.  ISO was 160.  As well, there was this happy accident that once cropped and straightened made me smile.

As always, comments are sought and welcome.

Cheers, Sean

PS – I am sure Keith will have something up soon and I invite you to visit his page too.

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  1. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning! I’m still chewing through photos, looking for the keepers. Finding the schedule for eastbound trains and waiting at the curve might get some interesting shots.

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