Location and Lessons

Dear Reader,

I have a number of things to tell you about the previous week.

  • There are some things that are important to do but should not be shared. My experiment with time-lapse table-top (60 piece Lego boat) photography is such a thing. The results are not shareable. I was pleased with my purchase of a roll of seamless paper and my DIY set-up.  I learnt I need more light. Low watt tungsten bulbs are not bright enough. As well, even with the spare bed and furniture moved to the side, the spare-bedroom may not work as a studio unless I remove all the furniture.  Probably not a good idea, as some other room would become unusable.  mmm
  • Earlier this week I returned to Glenbow Ranch to photograph a sunrise. I was standing on top of a small hill with my camera sitting on the tripod looking east. I turned my head and realized that the dawn picture was actually behind me as the snow covered Rockies glowed pink. Unfortunately, I could not reach the better vantage point before the light was lost. Instead, I went on a walk-about (see gallery below) before returning to the car. I also discovered that mule deer are named for their ears, which resemble those of a mule.
  • On a personal note I was reminded of a friend who had dropped and drowned her phone in a toilet. Before using the pit-toilet at Glenbow Ranch I made sure that every zippered pocket was closed. Ah the things we think of, in between trying to say something intelligible.

Cheers, Sean

2 thoughts on “Location and Lessons

  1. keith

    I’m a bit surprised about the lighting for the video though I haven’t tried that yet. Did you try to play with ISO settings to compensate? One time I was intently shooting downtown when a buddy texted me, “awesome sunrise, are you getting this?” I turned around and wow! That was one of the times I wished I had two cameras. The shot of the mountains with the railway tracks leading the viewer in.

  2. Linda Mc

    Love the diagonals running through the mule deer photos, Sean. Nice composition!


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