Sometimes The Parrot is Dead

Dear Reader,

I am beginning to learn Adobe Photoshop.  I now know how to remove some extraneous items. Last week I took a  photo on a walk in False Creek (South end of Calgary).  The day was so cold that my phone, sitting in the outside pocket of my pants, froze and stopped working.  The resulting photo appeared to have merit.  I began simplifying the image by removing branches. I like the result but the focus is flawed, and therefore the underlying bones of the photo could not be salvaged.  And so we come to the moral of the story, nailing the parrot to the perch does not hide the fact that the parrot was dead.

Fish Creek
Above – As Taken 
Fish Creek
Simplied But Nailed to the Perch

Cheers, spd


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  1. So far I have not experimented with removing stuff from photographs, other than spots. There is a great spot for skyline shots near Shaganappi golf course, if only there wasn’t a great huge ugly antenna tower in the sight line. I’ve tried removing a crane from a shot, and it looked worse after. Perhaps I wasn’t doing it right.

    As you note, the focus issues are paramount. I’ve had any number of nice shots ruined by inattention to focus.

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