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Years ago I studied photography as an art form.  My medium of the time was primarily black and white film, which I developed and printed myself.  Since that time, my interest in fine art and a love of museums never wavered.  My participation, behind the lens, was at times non-existent.

For many years I only used simple digital point and shoot cameras.  The results were akin to visual note taking for some vaguely defined purpose.  I enjoyed that laissez-faire and nonchalant approach.  I started though to  desire sharper and crisper (in many senses of the word) images.

Now, after a long absence from photography I am slowly remembering what I once thought I knew, and learning new skills in a medium that has gone digital. This blog I hope will become a slowly mutating collection of ideas and works in progress.   Presentable photos can be found in the gallery.

comments welcome – spd


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