CV and Artist’s Statement

Sean P Drysdale lives in Calgary between the overt beauty of the Canadian Rockies and the serenity of the prairies. He returned to photography as an art form in 2016. Drysdale graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1984, where he studied photography. Drysdale went on to study mathematics and computers at Simon Fraser University. Those studies led to a career in information management.

Exhibitions and Organizing
• Graduation Group Show; Emily Carr College of Art and Design; Vancouver; 1984
• Member of Organizing Committee; The Warehouse Show; Vancouver; 1984
• Solo Photography Show; OR Gallery; Vancouver; 1983

Project Statement: Roadside Attractions
I love this land and I love exploring it photographically. “Roadside Attractions” is an umbrella project that captures different visual and conceptual perspectives that have evolved from my experience of driving local highways and gravel roads.

One of my photographic objectives is to first capture a viewer’s attention through an expression of beauty, and then provide enough depth of content to reward the patient viewer.

Series Statement Within Project:  On The Verge
“On the Verge” is a series under the “Roadside Attractions” umbrella.  In this series I am, in part, probing a long running interest in randomness, and the application of structure and story where they may not exist.

Series Statement Within Project: The Thin Line
“The Thin Line” is a series under the “Roadside Attractions” umbrella.  In this series I am, in part, probing my set of conflicting responses to the environment.  The prairie landscape evokes a wonderful sense of space.  Yet, the land I drive through and my experience of that land is defined and confined by a grid of evenly spaced roads, symbols of ownership, and signs of control.