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A Pot, A Flower, and A Sky

Dear Reader,

Though I have not shared anything with you for a while I have been busy.  Here are 3 recent ones.  Unfortunately, the sky photo does not have the sharpness and range I Iike.  Despite its flaws, it still though has merit. I had been playing with the jpeg format and had not switched back to raw – ah silly me.   We live and learn (sometimes).

Cheers, Sean

Work Begins Again

Dear Reader

Thanks to my friend Keith, I am now working again.  This is a good thing, and I will shortly have an income once again.  Not only does the work take time, time is also required to discern the rules of a new game.  And so now we reach the crux of the matter.  For the immediate future, I will have few resources for photography. I will though try and throw up an idea once a week or

Cheers, Sean